Steam ironers for nurseries

Would you like all the children to look forward to their afternoon nap? Use steam ironer on the sheets and you will see that you will hardly get them out of the cribs. You can also use it to iron towels, tea towels or tablecloths.

Steam ironing the clothes

The Ironnette electric steam ironer works on the rotary principle and can easily handle even the largest pieces of textile. It precisely irons children's bedding, sheets, tea towels and towels and saves you the hassle of traditional ironing.

Why buy a steam ironer?

  • Significant saving of time and electricity

  • It is ready for use within 5 minutes

  • Simple, convenient and safe handling

  • Easy ironing of large textiles

  • It is compact and does not take up much space

We have all steam ironers in stock and we will be happy to help you with their operation, maintenance and service.


  • Sheets

  • Bedding for children

  • Towels

  • Tea towels and table cloths


  • It only takes a few moments to almond each piece

  • Thanks to the steaming function, even clothes that cannot be ironed will be soft

  • The nanocoat evaporates the water in the cylinder and prevents the growth of mold and bacteria

  • It has 5 fixed temperature modes

How does the steam ironer work?

As soon as you plug in the steam ironer, it will reach its operating temperature in a few minutes and you can start steam ironing. Each piece of clothing, bed linen or towels takes only a few moments. If you forget to turn off the almond, it will do it by itself in 8 minutes. You don't have to worry about overheating or burning the cover.

Learn how to steam ironing quickly with our instructional videos:

How ti iron bed linen
How to iron small towels
Folding of ironer
How to fill in water

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