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Steam Ironer HOLEK 560

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Steam Ironer with two free arms, 67 cm long roller and five fix ironing programs. Sophisticated system steaming system (6 modes, water tank 1,9 l) and continual roller speed control guarantee perfect ironing result, four wheels and foldable roller easy manipulation and flexible storage. Input power 2,9 kW. SOS handle shall release the laundry in case of eventual blackout.

Technical Specifications

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Width of the roll
67 cm
Dimensions working position
76cm x 40 cm x 105 cm
Diameter of the roller
16,5 cm
Ironing speed
2.40 (rpm)
Pressing force of the roll
600 N
Working height
80 cm
Power net
220 - 230 V / 50 Hz
Volume of tank
1.9 l
Input power max.
2.9 kW
35 kg
Sizes - fold down
52 cm x 40 cm x 82 cm